Polystyrene Sheets

Polystyrene Sheets in stack by EPS Foam

Polystyrene Sheets:  Your Solution for Insulation and Packing Needs

Need a versatile and affordable solution for a variety of insulation or packaging projects? Polystyrene sheets made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) offer excellent insulation properties and are available from EPS Foam in a range of sizes or can be easily cut to size to suit your specific requirements.  

Polystyrene sheets are a popular choice for insulation in New Zealand, with thicknesses of 10mm or more being particularly popular for both insulation and packaging needs. EPS Foam’s polystyrene sheets are easy to use, lightweight and easy to handle, making them a convenient solution for your insulation needs. They are ideal for construction and transport applications as they can be easily transported and installed on worksites. Their exceptional properties make them superb for packaging needs. They can be used to ship temperature-sensitive products like food and electronics as well as pharmaceuticals as they are water resistant and have compressive strength. They can also be used in multiple different ways, including walls, flooring and roof insulation, to help to ensure consistent insulation throughout buildings.  

A key benefit of using polystyrene sheets is that they help improve energy efficiency. By using them, you can reduce the heat loss and heat gain in homes and offices, lowering energy bills and creating more comfortable environments. In addition, EPS Foam’s polystyrene sheets are non-toxic and do not containing any harmful chemicals. This makes them a safe solution for your insulation and packaging needs. The benefits of polystyrene sheets are:

  • Long-term heat flow resistance 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Ongoing thermal resistance 
  • Significant energy savings 
  • Anti-bacterial properties 
  • Chemically inert
  • Low-cost solutions   
  • High quality 
  • Lightweight 
  • Convenient 
  • Easy-to-install 
  • Combined solution  

EPS Foam offers a range of versatile and cost-effective polystyrene sheets in NZ for all your insulation and packaging needs. With their ease of use, safety and excellent insulation properties polystyrene sheets are the popular choice in New Zealand and around the world for insulation and transportation projects. Consider using EPS Foam’s polystyrene sheets for your needs today.