Reinforcing Products

steel bars for eps foam projects

Reinforcing Products: Essential for Strong and Durable Concrete Structures 

When it comes to constructing strong and long-lasting concrete structures, reinforcing products are absolutely crucial. They provide the much-needed stability and support.

One of the most commonly used options are reinforcement bars, also known as rebars. Made of high-strength steel, rebars come in various shapes and sizes. 

These rebars improve the tensile strength of the concrete, which is particularly important since concrete tends to be weak in tension. Another type of rebar worth mentioning is stainless steel reinforcing bars, known for their exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. These steel reinforcing bars are an excellent choice for construction.

EPS Foam offers the following reinforcement products:

Reinforcing Bars:

steel reinforcing bars pile by eps foam
  • 12mm (diameter 6m lengths)
  • 16mm (diameter 6m lengths)


Reinforcing Mesh:

construction products and reinforcing by eps foam steel grid
  • SE62 RES Coverage 10 Sqr size 4.9×2.4.
  • SE72 Coverage 12.76 Sqr Size 2.4×6.1.

Contact us for other mesh requirements.



reinforcing product
  • HD12
  • R6
  • R10 etc.

Bar Chairs (Available in bags of 100):

reinforcing product reinforcing bar for construction and building projects by eps foam
  •  25×40 Barchairs
  •  50×65 Barchairs
  •  75×90 Barchairs


Reinforcing products such as these reinforcement bars (rebars), galvanized rebars, reinforcing steel meshes, and carbon steel are indispensable for creating robust and long-lasting concrete structures. These products help strengthen the concrete, reduce corrosion risks, and extend the lifespan of the building. So, when planning your next project, consider using EPS Foam’s reinforcing products to ensure strength, durability, and peace of mind.

Our products uphold New Zealand standards AS/NZS 4671.