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Void Foam

Void Foam stack by EPS Foam

Void Foam: The Solution for Efficient and Effective Insulation 

Void Foam is a material specifically designed for road construction in areas with poor load-bearing capacity. It offers a unique combination of low density, high load-bearing capacity, and long-term stability. This material has gained worldwide recognition since its first trials in Europe during the 1960s.

Void Foam demonstrates excellent performance under compressive load, exhibiting both flexibility and strength. With densities ranging from 15kg/m3 to 28kg/m3, Void Foam reduces lateral and vertical movement, minimising settlement and compression of soil layers. As a result, construction costs are reduced, and maintenance expenses are minimised over time.

Void Foam has minimal water absorption, even after prolonged immersion. Capillary action only causes negligible water intake, which has no significant impact on the material’s mechanical properties. Depending on the requirements, you can choose a density to suit your projects permanent immersion or buoyancy needs.

The stability of Void Foam ensures consistent block dimensions, with variations limited to 1% from block to block. This guarantees reliable and straightforward installation. EPS Foam’s full size block is 6.1×1.24×1.0 which they can cut down to any length. From this comes four different grades: 

  • S grade – 16kgs
  • High grade 24kgs 
  • Medium grade 20kgs 
  • Very high grade 28kgs 

EPS Foam’s Void Foam has a wide range of applications. It has been successfully used to protect underground services, reduce loads on sensitive structures, aid in embankment reconstruction, and overcome challenging sites with restricted access.

With its exceptional properties and ease of installation, EPS Foam provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for geotechnical challenges in road construction and various applications throughout New Zealand. Try Void Foam for your next construction project.